The Book

Once Upon a Time……

Prince Charming came home and told his young Princess Bride that he had spent some time that day putting his priorities together.

“How wonderful,” exclaimed the Princess. “What are they?” she asked.

“I’m glad you asked,” he replied. “I have three priorities;

--- the first one is my wonderful job,
--- the second one is the completion of my Ph.D., and, well

--- you and the kids are in third place and therein lies the problem.  I can only deal with two priorities at one time----soooo, you and the kids cannot be a part of my life.”

“You can’t mean this!?” she said.

But it was true. 

And just like that, he was gone.

The shy young princess had always dreamed of being a devoted wife, a loving mother, and good homemaker. But now, at the age of 29, she was alone, had no college education, no job, no money, no home.  All she had was FIVE children - all under the age of seven, two German Shepherds - Brutus and Cesar, and a cat named Ivan the Terrible!

… and so, the Saga of MY life began.

“Trusting God in the Midst of Chaos”

by Jacquelyn Crawford

Coming Soon!!